One 101: Sneak Peek


StoryFest 2020!

Good Meat

‘You insulate me,’ Ramanathan said, lying underneath, warm and taut like baked bread.

I melted like mozzarella on a pizza. Oh, the pleasures of biting into hot crisp dough overwhelmed with steaming salty goo.

We were huddled four thousand feet above sea-level inside a tent during a hailstorm. Food rations had ran out three days ago. It was the perfect time to line the sleeping bag with our bodies.

‘Remember, we roll the dice in the morning,’ I said, recapping our covenant, ‘though I’d much rather have you alive than dead.’

I sighed.

‘Hey!’ He was offended, ‘I am good meat.’

Note: The community at Story A Day has been instrumental in cheering me on my writing journey. I’m so excited to participate in StoryFest2020 and share this story which will be available on Amazon as part of a collection titled 101 Stories in 101 Words from 1st July 2020.

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